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How much web space do you really need?

  • March 26, 2017

You might be surprised by how little space a basic website needs. You might also be surprised by how fast a website can grow. So choose a hosting plan that provides enough room to store your website now, with plenty of room to grow in the future.

A single web page contains text, formatting and images. That sounds a lot like a simple word procesing document, and in many ways it is. To visualize how much storage you will need, it may help to think of a web page as a Word document, and a website as a folder of documents.

In 2016, the average size of a web page was 2.2 MB. That’s just over double the average size in 2014, which is just over double the size in 2010. The main reason for this growth is that image sizes are increasing to keep pace with our computers’ ever-improving screen resolutions. So when calculating the amount of space you need for your website, allow plenty or room for growth.

Let’s do some estimates based on that 2.2 MB average. If your website will have 10 pages, you’ll need at least 22 MB to store them. A site with a hundred pages will need 220 MB. 1 GB of space will hold an average of 450 pages—more than 95% of all websites will ever need.

How much space do you think you’ll need for your web pages?

Given that we provide 10 GB of storage, the size of your web pages are unlikely to ever be a limiting factor.

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